Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019-2020 Yearbook Staff!

Thank you for your patience!  This is our complete yearbook staff for next year!   
Thank you to all who applied. If you applied and didn't get in, it doesn't mean we
don't think you are a great person, we just have limited space.  Please be proud
of yourself for taking the time to apply!

In no particular order, the yearbook staff is:

8th Grade:
Camden Hay--Editor
Natalie Van Dyke--Editor
Anjali Krishnan--Editor
Jessica Park--Editor
Sarah Park
Sofi O’Donnell
Claire Chen
Rachel Lam
Brendon Riley
Christina Callo
Nina Oviedo
Joseph Monti
Luca Heerlein
Charlie Torres
Ava Frazier
Ellie Kim
Leah Soares
Audrey Kim

Incoming 7th:
Kristen Hahn
Tram Pham
Kendall Horswill
Aubrie Riley
Sophie Tran
Isabella Saxum
Noah Waterman
Libi Ippolito
Konner Quitevis
Hari Vel Murugan
Jordan Wheeler
Natalie Garcia
Juliet Weinberg
Cassady Freude
Payton Mann

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What did you decide?!!

Hi Everyone,

It was so nice to meet you last week!  Due to unforeseen delays in other programs doing interviews and auditions, we are waiting until next week to post our yearbook staff list.  We hate to keep you in suspense, but there was no avoiding it.  Please check back next week to see if you made it. 

Thanks, and we apologize again,

Miss Bretthauer and the Yearbook Staff

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Yearbook Interviews for 2019-2020!

Thank you to everyone that applied to be in yearbook next year!  There were a LOT of applications to
go through! The following students have been given an interview time.  
Due to our limited time frame, alternate interviews are not available.

7th to 8th Grade:
Interviews for current 7th graders will be held during homeroom on the dates below in room D9.
Please come at your assigned time.  
**Current yearbook students who reapplied for next year do not go through an interview
process, but are considered in the selection process.

Tuesday April 16

9:40 Palakh Agarwal
9:45 Leah Soares
9:50 Mehak Sachdeva
9:55 Angela Wang
10:00 Audrey Kim

Thursday April 18
9:30 Noel Sason
9:35 Warren Park

INCOMING 7th Grade:
Interviews will be held on Wednesday April 17 at the following times in room D-9.  
Please look for signs and greeters to direct you where to go.  Please plan to be at Rio Norte the
whole 15 minute window of time.  If you have not been given an interview time, thank you so much
for applying.  If you are still interested in joining yearbook, you are welcome to reapply next spring
to be in yearbook in 8th grade.

Wednesday, April 17
Jordan Wheeler
Olivia Gump
Kristen Hahn
Isabella Saxum
Kendall Horswill
Alani Almonte
Tram Pham
Natalie Garcia
Marisa Elias
Mithali Sharma
Payton Mann
Niharika Koka
Cassady Freude
Mahith Yeruva
Gavin Lee
Andrea Manzala
Ariana Fernandez
Sreenithya Kasireddy
Sophie Tran
Gisselle Zamudio
Aubrie Riley
Noah Waterman
Konner Quitevis
Victoria Givetz
Nishika Manjeshwar
Juliet Weinberg

Harikumar Vel Murugan
Emma Winter
Liliana Ippolito
Samhitha (Sunny) Josyam
Nicole Montes

Monday, April 8, 2019

Editor Competition

Come up with a Theme
Design a Cover (can be drawn or on a practice page)
Come up with 5 ways to carry the theme through the book
Divider Layout
Idea for new layout we didn't do this year/haven't done before (you can create a layout for it...but I will leave that optional)

You will be peer grading each other and presenting these to class.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

Service Log Deadline Extended until Wed!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Upload what you need to today/tomorrow, and I'll collect service logs next class. 

See the post below this for your assignment today.  See you tomorrow in homeroom.  
Jenny Bretthauer
Team Zambezi Science
Co Dept Chair
Team Leader
Yearbook Advisor
Rio Norte Junior High School